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Wing Walker Walker hits Hull Daily Mail

Check out the link below, the recent Wing Walk has caught the attention of the Hull Daily Mail. http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Wing-Walker-Walker-daredevil-aeroplane-stunt/story-26675047-detail/story.html#comments
Wing Walk for Marie Curie

Wing Walk for Marie Curie

After one cancellation caused by adverse weather, on Sunday 21st June Janice undertook a Wing Walk – every bit as daring as it sounds – see the illustration below. She had been preparing for it for some time with one of the criteria that has had to be met being some weight loss as there was a maximum weight for those undertaking this ‘daring deed’. She is raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity; she has recently had close family members effected by cancer. Janice was pleased and relieved to able to complete the Wing Walk she had[...]